Friday, January 15, 2010

Rosine's in Monterey rules!

Lunch at Rosine's, a busy Alvarado Street landmark restaurant-cafe, is NOT TO MISS. Their calamari sandwich is the gold standard SquidBrothers "squid sammich." It's busy and noisy most of the time; renowned for it, actually—but their calamari sandwich rules and their SquidBrothers rating is in spite of it. This is just about the best calamari sandwich you can find.

A huge Sicilian seasoned squid steak, (the batter stays on the steak!) on a perfectly grilled soft roll that actually contributes to the great experience. The only condiment that comes with it (unless requested, of course) is a fabulous pesto sauce that makes the perfect compliment to the perfectly and lightly done squid steak. Salad or fries; you can order blue cheese and Italian on the side. Both generous and excellent. SquidBrothers everywhere: this is our new leader. This squid experience is not to be missed; ignore at peril to your squid satisfaction quotient.

Marks for Rosine's:

Presentation: 9 (out of ten tentacles)
Taste: 9
Service & Atmosphere: 9 though the busy, noisy envrioment is a Rosine's hallmark.
Value: 10
Overall Squid Brothers Rating: 9.3 out of ten tentacles!

By SquidBrotherHemp

434 Alvarado Street
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 375-1400

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