Friday, June 5, 2009

Kula Ranch Island Steakhouse

Kula Ranch Island Steakhouse is located at the Marina Sanctuary Resort, next to the Marina State Beach, just off Highway One at Reservation Road, Marina, CA.

3295 Dunes Rd
Marina, CA 93933
(831) 883-9479

Calmari Sandwich (lunchtime)

A great value at $8.95! Chose outdoor deck seating with a view of Monterey Bay & Pacific Ocean.
Choice of regular or sweet potato fries. Tangy and complex tartar sauce and sweet pototo fries dip.

These guys know how to do calamari steak. Perfectly done, uniqely seasoned; the first tase of the calamari hanging out of the bun reminded me instantly of really good abalone! The sweet potato fries, however, weren't right out of the fryer. A glass of Longboard made it all nearly perfect.

Presentation: 9 (out of ten tentacles)
Taste: 9
Service & Atmosphere: 8
Value: 10
Overall Squid Brothers Rating: 9 out of ten tentacles!

This calamari sandwich, in an Island theme restaurant, sets a new standard in our Monterey Bay area experience. The rest of their Pacific Rim menu is well worth the trip to the dunes of Marina (just north of Monterey on Highway 1).

Review by Squid Brother Hemp

Thursday, June 4th, 2009.

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