Friday, May 21, 2010

Monterey Jack meets Squid Sammich at the Golden Tee!

OK, all you loyal "Squid Sammich" fans rejoyce in a new twist on a great calamari sandwich: introducing the Golden Tee at the Monterey Peninsula Airport (now, would the Squid Brothers recommend a place not worth finding?)—upstairs in the main terminal.

A picture is worth a thousand words: the perfect bun, melted Monterey Jack cheese, and generous portions of perfectly done calamari steak make this Squid Brothers experience a winner. Fries, or potato salad (this one could have been made by your aunt; the one famous for her potato salads). Full bar and views of the plateau runway above the Pacific. And validated parking right out the terminal front door! Oh, and this is not an LAX terminal; it's Monterey scale: just park and walk in.

This calamari sammich is hard to beat and, with melted Monterey Jack cheese, a new local Squid Brothers favorite. Don't let the airport location fool you; this is a really good restaurant with really friendly and helpful staff. You don't have to be flying in or out of Monterey to enjoy the Golden Tee. It's got a great Monterey Jack twist to a really good squid sammich.

The Golden Tee
200 Fred Kane Drive
Monterey Peninsula Airport Terminal
Monterey CA 93940
(831) 373-1232

Squid fans, here are the ratings—out of a total of 10 tentacles each:

Presentation: 8.0
Taste and Quality 9.0
Service & Atmosphere: 9.0
Value: 9.0
Overall Squid Brothers Rating: 8.75 (Really Good)

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